Empowering our differences

Tools people use have a big impact on their happiness at work, and worker's ardour is the engine of every great company.
Worker's fervour is what will drive a company up a flourishing economy, or protect it from crashing down in case of a crisis.

People's time is the most expensive resource a company spend, don't waste it !
Recruiting skilled workers is hard, it's primordial to use their time wisely, and not restrain their benefit with slow tools, boring manual processes, or an un-ergonomic work environment.

Therefore, against the monopoly of big software companies in the cyberspace, my mission is to let people feel free with their tools, enjoy an alternative for the crappy software products that cripple the digital world.

Everyone is different, have different ways to think, interact, do, and I believe that the software should adapt to the people, not the other way around.
Whether you are visually impaired, eccentric, old, artistic, autistic, geek, dyslexic, or none of all this; there is a software we can build together to fit your vision, your way, your world.

Human-first software crafting

Everything starts with you, we define precisely together what holds you from feeling easy with your tools, create the ideal setup, your vision.

Together, we can join our expertises to analyse possible solutions, improve what is primordial, remove what is unnecessary, and adapt the interface to your liking, the process to your methods.

After completely understanding your ideal, and a solution for it on paper, only then will we craft a piece of software, and adjust it so it fits perfectly.
Until finally you reach a level of serenity you deserve to feel with your tools.

Throughout this process, you are the maestro, and the resulting software will be to your image, not anybody else's.

Better tools, greater efficiency

A well fitted tool will make you feel at home, and relieve the strain from your work using it.
Besides this ergonomy, I pledge the software's quality and its reliability through time.

While ensuring the high quality of the tool created, the implementation will also think of the future, when some maintenance or improvements will be needed.
In this regard, a complete documentation will be redacted to enable any software engineer to understand, maintain and extend this software.

Security, maintenability, performances, extensibility, these are the priorities that will drive the craft of your software.
With these high quality standards, you will obtain a very reliable companion for your business.

Expose me your vision

Have an ideal you wish to share ?

Let's meet, talk about it in depth, and build together your vision, cultivate serenity in your work environment !

Contact me today at litchi.pi@proton.me !