Efficiency through Harmony

Build an idea working environment, maximize the happiness of your colleagues, bring efficiency in your everyday life, with quality software tools.

The effects of unhappiness at work costs to businesses on average 13 340€ / year per employee
(in 2018, source)

Every departure of an employee, each absence of a colleague, every source of inefficiency costs to your company, and slows its development.
Whatever the size of your company, you can offer to your colleagues a work environment that will make them want to stay, and make your company fruitful.

Want us to work together ?

One software, designed for one human

Our diversity is a strength we need to profit from, and not seek to normalize.

My objective is to provide serenity to your profession, grow value from our differences, and optimise the happiness in the work environment.

My mission is to create tools, adapted to humans, not the reverse.

By focusing the design process on you, we can together invent a solution following your own vision.

Purified from anything superfluous, efficient to satisfy what you value as important, the solution will be cut to fit your needs perfectly

The result is a high quality tool, ergonomique, performant and reliable through time, which suit you so well it won't create any strain while using it.

If you add this tool to your work environment today, it means to allow yourself to focus on what matters, what brings you joy to your profession.

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